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Yu-Gi-Oh! Orica Cards (or Original Cards) are custom cards inspired by many factors like the anime series or redesigns of original cards.
These cards cannot be used in any official duel, or tournament except for cards that summons tokens like "Scapegoat" but they are NOT required.
The redesigned cards of the original TCG (Trading Card Game) are called "Proxy Cards".

Different Card VersionsEdit

Anime Style Orica Cards are designed to give players the opportunity to add Anime-Versions of the most famous cards of Yugioh to your collection!
These Card Designs were used in the western Dub Version of the Anime.
The only Dub that does not have this design is the japanese Anime, which has the original japanese TCG-Cards in the Anime itself (with card texts etc.).
Custom Orica Cards are all cards that are either not copies of original TCG-Cards or Anime-Style Versions as seen above. Basically the Artist has a free-pass on how to design the card and there are a lot of interesting card designs out there!
Really popular custom cards are 18+ Nude-Artworks of famous female monster cards like Dark Magician Girl. Main characters from other franchises sometimes get a Yugioh Version as well!
Check out our Card Gallery for a collection of many of these cards!

TCG Proxy Cards mainly have two uses they fullfill (more or less):
- Confusing players into buying fake versions of certain cards
- Giving players an opportunity to buy Proxy Cards to replace (mostly expensive and rare) cards for casual play.
Holactie the Creator of Light (Really expensive with ~800$ and is only available in japanese)
Raigeki (Still expensive in every version believe it or not)
Infinite Impermanence (2018 & 2019 Meta Card, powerful & expensive)